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Monthly Specials

Movies: DVD or Blu-Ray
New Releases
$4.00 each; three-night rental (early return credit $0.50 if returned the next day by 6 pm.)

Recent Hits

$4.00 each five-night rental   (3 for $8.00 five-night rental)

Rent Flicks

$1.00 per day

Catalog Movies
$2.00 each; five-night rental   (5 for $8.00 five-night rental)

Video Games
PS4, XBOX ONE, PS3, PS2, XBOX 360, XBOX and Nintendo Wii:
$4.00 each; five-night rental  (3 for $8.00 five-night rental)
Game Disc/DVD Repairs

$5 per disc; three-disc punch card $12; eight-disc punch card $25
Repair guaranteed or your money back.  

VHS (or DVD) to DVD Duplication: Ask us for details.  

Special Pricing

$20.00 buys you $22.00 in Movie Market Cash ($2.00 Bonus Cash) 
$30.00 buys you $37.50 in Movie Market Cash ($7.50 Bonus Cash)
$50.00 buys you $66.50 in Movie Market Cash ($16.50 Bonus Cash)
Use your Movie Market Cash for movies, games, everyday specials, and extra-day charges.  

Rent Flicks

New Releases that rent for $1.00 per day. You decide how much you pay!  

Mix and Match

Rent three Recent Hits or three Video Games or a combination of movies and games for $8.00 and keep them for five nights.  

Five for Five

Rent five Catalog Movies for $8.00 and keep them for five nights.  

Return Policy

Rented items must be returned before the Movie Market closes on the due date. Any items returned after closing on the due date are subject to extra-day charges. Extra-day charges are $1.00 per day for ALL rental items.